Family Album presented by Asterisk Rising

Eleanor Crowder is an actor. Katherine Grier is a storyteller.

Family stories, the stories heard around the kitchen table before we are ten years old, are etched in our psyches for the rest of our days—What stories map your world?

We tell you our stories...

  • Mr. Boxwell
  • Sour Betty
  • Serious Proof for the Presence of Ghosts
  • Why Dresses Should Always Have Straps
  • and others...

...Then you tell yours!

Kate and Eleanor invite you to perform your stories—for your friends at intermission and for all of us in the second half of the show.

Leave brimming over with stories you need to tell!

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Excerpts From the Show

Katherine telling "Noble Thornhill"Eleanor acting "Mr. Boxwell"Eleanor acting "Mr. Boxwell"Katherine and Eleanor in Family Album


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