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Eleanor Crowder is a director and a playwright, working from a foundation as an actor in mime and physical theatre. She has directed large cast productions of Brecht, Shakespeare and contemporary Canadian playwrights since the 1970s. 
To premiere this new Canadian work, Eleanor has brought together a team of Ottawa’s most exciting emergent and established talents.
William Somers, resident performer with Salamander Theatre, is known to Fringe audiences for his performances as Romeo in both Romeo and Juliet and The Deathe of Tybalt (2010) as well as his Rideau Award-nominated collective creation A Grimm Tale (2008).
Bronwyn Steinberg, recently seen as Cecily in The Importance of Being Earnest at the Gladstone Theatre, is also familiar at the Fringe for her own collective creations Pirate Jenny's Circus (nominated for a Rideau Award in 2009) and Mixing Boal: Kitchen of the Oppressed (2010).
Rachel Eugster’s work as a performer and music director has encompassed everything from Shakespeare to opera. Favourite credits include: Anne Elliott in a musical adaptation of Jane Austen’s Persuasion; Luna in Conventional Behaviour, a send-up of sci-fi conventions; and Bronwyn in the Arthurian drama Avalon.
Musical and foley accompaniment are provided by:
Tony Nguyen, clarinet, kitchen utensils, etc
Daniel Tarof, guitar, bass, etc
Kevin Guerette, guitar, bass, drums, etc