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Playwright's Message:                                                                                                             Video preview: (trouble viewing? watch it on youtube here)
Mix a February flight into Sioux Lookout,  3 actors looking to flex their talents, and a set of songs in need of a second life.... Momma's Boy hatched in a week in a cabin by a lake during an Ontario Arts council residency which took me to Sioux Lookout for their Literacy Festival.
It's a thank-you gift to Barb and Donna for getting us up there. And to Pam and Chris and everyone who told us stories during Family Album. Thank-you for giving me a breath of the place.
And no, this is not a story confined to the north. But distance and being at the end of the one road in,  make for a nice clear lens.  I like it clear.
The stories which coalesce here have been 30 years in the hearing. My friends, whose lives I have shared and whom I continue to rely on, this is also for you. And all of our daughters and sons.
I always think writing a play is a matter of where you fix the frame.  At least for this time out. Some of the songs for this show snuck in from way far back. Labrador. Calgary. So there is my pleasure in this writing:  words from long ago with a new immediacy.  Actors who bit on the first scenes with enough delight to keep me writing. A musical team who are a joy to play with, and whose invention will probably spawn the next show before we've done fooling here.  It's a real big suitcase! 
~Eleanor Crowder